Cities are in eager search for knowledge

Cities worldwide are exploiting a host of creative, sustainable and innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption, water use, waste and emissions, while also being engines of culture, creativity and economic activity.

Cities should be able to exchange ideas and experiences to avoid repeating each other’s errors and more quickly benefit from new technologies. City leaders should also be able to identify successful urban innovations across cities worldwide and share best practices to maximise progress and minimize costs.

Cities are increasingly aware of this and are exchanging ideas with one another by engaging in thousands of visits every year. This thirst for good policy and practice is synthesized in the World Smart Capital Initiative, using two methods to get to its goals.

First is to create a series of local urban innovation events each year under the umbrella of ‘The Innovation of Cities’ platform to identify and share the vast changes, improvements, and enhancements in various cities.

Second is to designate a city to become the World Smart Capital every other two years – to start in 2016. The designated city will be the host of the World City Forum as part of a program of local events, projects and activities. While ‘The Innovation of Cities’ local events focus on selected topics aimed at specific attendees, the World City Forum program is based on the research and outcome of all ‘The Innovation of Cities’ events, reports and white papers in the preceding years.

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